Attitudes towards Cyclists

26 04 2009
The Age M Magazine 26 April 2009

The Age M Magazine 26 April 2009

I am not normally prone to public ranting about attitudes to cyclists. I generally read or listen to adverse comments, think to myself “That’s sad” and then go about my business.
But this morning the below cartoon got up my nose.
It is often said that many a true word is spoken in jest. This one topped it off. The attitude portrayed is one of disdain to anybody that may get injured due to an accident. Sure we may not like the charity muggers, and it is irksome that cyclists are pedalling on the footpath. But surely if somebody gets hurt, we give assistance and allow the law to deal with any consequences.

Am I being overly sensitive? or should I go and make myself another coffee and continue reading the newspaper and relax on a cold Melbourne morning?




One response

24 06 2009
Treadly and Me

Yes, I remember seeing that cartoon. I was equally unimpressed.

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